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QS Consultants Services:

Welcome to QS and Estimating Consultants Ltd your trusted partner in construction services. We offer a wide range of expert solutions to ensure your construction projects are executed with precision and excellence. Our services include:

Quantity Surveying & Cost Management

Our expert Quantity Surveyors and Cost Management professionals excel at providing comprehensive solutions for managing construction project costs. From accurate cost estimation to meticulous cost control, we ensure that your projects are completed within budget, without compromising on quality. Our services include tender analysis, value engineering, risk management, and cost reporting to optimise project outcomes.

Pre Construction Management

Preparing a strong foundation for your construction project is crucial, and our Pre Construction Management services ensure just that. We conduct thorough feasibility studies, site assessments, and regulatory compliance checks to lay the groundwork for a successful project. Our team assists in setting realistic budgets, creating project schedules, and obtaining necessary approvals, ensuring a smooth transition from planning to execution.

Procurement & Contractual Advisory Services

Navigating the complex world of procurement and contracts can be daunting. Our expert advisors offer comprehensive Procurement & Contractual Advisory Services to guide you through the process seamlessly. From selecting the most suitable procurement method to drafting, evaluating, and negotiating contracts, we ensure that your interests are protected and that projects proceed with clarity and transparency.

Construction Management

Efficiently managing construction projects requires a high level of expertise and coordination. Our Construction Management services offer you the peace of mind that your project is in capable hands. Our experienced team oversees all project activities, coordinating contractors, managing resources, and handling any issues that may arise during construction. With our proactive approach, we keep projects on track and deliver outstanding results.

Cost Consultancy

Our cost consultancy services are designed to provide you with valuable insights and advice throughout the project life cycle. From initial cost planning and value engineering to cost monitoring and reporting, we assist you in making informed decisions and optimising project performance. Our cost consultancy expertise ensures cost-effective solutions while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Claims & Dispute Resolution

In the event of contract disputes or claims, our seasoned experts are here to protect your interests. Our Claims & Dispute Resolution services assist in analysing, preparing, and defending claims, providing expert advice and documentation to support your position. With our support, you can navigate through complex disputes and reach equitable resolutions.

QS Consultants – Areas We Cover:

Based in Shrewsbury, we serve the entire UK, including Shropshire, Telford, West Midlands, Cheshire, Birmingham, and Herefordshire.

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At QS and Estimating Consultants Ltd, we take pride in delivering exceptional quantity surveying and estimating  services.

Our team of professionals combines industry knowledge and strategic approaches to protect your interests and ensure the smooth progress of your construction projects.

Thank you for considering QS and Estimating Consultants Ltd for your quantity surveying and estimating requirements.

We are ready to provide you with reliable guidance and effective solutions.

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